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    S. Dillon Ripley International Center
    1100 Jefferson Drive SW
    Washington, DC 20560


    Wednesday, March 26

    Pre-symposium Program


    CIDOC CRM Tutorial

    Martin Doerr, Stephen Stead

    Comprehensive Introduction to ISO/CD 21127 (CIDOC CRM), objectives, approach, contents, state of standardization, use. For experts in cultural documentation and IT professionals.


    Lunch break

    Symposium Program


    Welcome address

    Dennis Shaw, Chief Information Officer, SI

    Welcome address

    Doug Evelyn, NMAI Deputy Director


    Introductory Note:

    Knowledge Sharing and the CIDOC CRM

    Martin Doerr


    Chair: Doug Evelyn


    Invited talk:

    Capturing and Applying Existing Knowledge to Semantic Applications

    (Application of SCORE Semantic Web technology to Homeland Security and Enterprise Content Management Applications)

    Amit Sheth, Semagix, Inc. and University of Georgia


    Invited Talk

    Secure Knowledge Management

    Bhavani Thuraisingham, Program Director , NSF


    Coffee break


    Chair: Martin Doerr


    Invited talk:

    (The surprising role of ontologies for human knowledge sharing)

    Thomas Gruber, Chief Technology Officer, Intraspect


    Some strategic issues for sharing information in museums
    John Perkins, CIMI


    The book, the bug and the bangle:

    a parallel and a paradox

    Patrick LeBoeuf, BNF, Chair of the IFLA Working Group on FRBR


    Thursday, March 27


    Chair: Matthew Stiff

    9:00am -9:35am

    Archival Description: Records, People, and Activities

    Daniel Pitti, University of Virginia, Society of American Archivists (SAA)

    9:35am -10:10am

    The Centrality of "The Work" as Component for Knowledge Sharing

    Richard Smiraglia, Palmer School of LIS, NY

    10:10am -10:45am

    Human Markup Language?(huml):?Humanness Content and Sharing across Perspective Shifts

    James Landrum, Digital Archive Network for Anthropology,
    S. Candelaria de Ram, Cognizor (Chief of Research and Technology),
    Cognition and Communication (CEO),
    Python Journal (Editor-in-Chief)

    10:45am -11:15am

    Coffee break


    Chair: Tony Gill

    11:15am -11:50am

    (Knowledge sharing with indigenous communities)

    Jane Sledge, NMAI


    11:50am -12:25am

    Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Problem Solving
    in Biodiversity Informatics

    Andrew Jones, Cardiff University, Species 2000 Project



    Semantic glue, not sticky tape: The CRM and historic environment information in England

    Matthew Stiff, English Heritage

    1:00am -2:pm

    Lunch break


    Chair: Jane Sledge

    2:00pm -2:35pm

    When the Rubber Hits the Road: Using the CIDOC CRM in the Real World

    Tony Gill, ArtSTOR Director of Metadata, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

    2:35pm -3:10pm

    Managing Material as Digital Objects

    Norman Paskin, International DOI Foundation

    3:10pm -3:45pm

    Out and About with the CIDOC CRM: The Lessons and

    Results of the CRM Dissemination and Training programme

    Stephen Stead, Paveprime Ltd

    3:45pm -4:05pm

    Coffee break


    Chair: Doug Evelyn

    4:05pm -5:20pm

    Panel Discussion:

    Sharing the Knowledge, Next Steps

    Thomas Gruber, Chief Technology Officer, Intraspect
    Dawn M. Leaf, Systems Architecture & Product Assurance, Smithsonian Institution

    Amit Sheth, Semagix, Inc. and University of Georgia

    Panel Chair:

    Doug Evelyn, NMAI Deputy Director

    5:20pm -5:30pm

    Closing note by

    Dennis Shaw, Chief Information Officer, SI

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