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    Scope of the CIDOC CRM Special Interest Group

    The "CIDOC CRM Special Interest Group" is abbreviated as "CRM SIG" and referred in the following as "the Group".
    Following decisions of the CIDOC Board and further elaborations of the Data Standards Working Group (DSWG), the scope of the Group has been proposed as follows:

    • The new Group will have wide representation from national institutions and international organizations beyond CIDOC members who have an interest in the CIDOC CRM and its objectives. The primary objectives of the CIDOC CRM are that it is thought primarily to:
      • be a tool for the museum community, which intellectually originates in the museum community, but enables an effective communication with the libraries and archives world. As such it should contain the necessary concepts to communicate, but is not required to cover these areas.
      • support the data interchange of documentation. This does not pose any restrictions on the broader extensibility of the CIDOC CRM and its application to wider information integration tasks.
    • The Group is particularly interested in attracting representatives from organizations that are knowledgeable in methodological aspects of documentation and documentation formats in cultural heritage, museums of all subject areas, archives or libraries. It is also keen to attract participation from organizations that are active in the field of heterogeneous electronic data exchange and metadata harmonization in these domains, as well as organizations with an interest in electronic information provision or brokerage to a wider public or in electronic information exchange across different kinds of institutions. It is further regarded as beneficial to attract such representatives from as broad a range of geographical and cultural areas as possible. The Group is willing at any point to consider applications for membership from any organization declaring an interest in the project.
    • The Group has been formed to complete and promote the CIDOC CRM as an ISO standard as a solution for the semantic interoperability of museum information with other related information systems. Its work has two equally important aspects: the development of the CIDOC CRM in the form of discussing, testing, and proposing changes and additions; and the work on the promotion, education, and communication of the model in the community and to appropriate technology providers. Members should attempt to participate regularly in the meetings and to offer active support wherever possible. The meetings of this Group coincide with ISO Working Group meetings where possible and the Group advises the ISO Working Group on the additions and changes that the museum community suggests by first obtaining consensus from the Group.
    • To facilitate the operation of the Group, the CIDOC Board will support submissions for funding by appropriate bodies. So far, partial funding from the European Commission has been achieved under the 5th Framework of the IST Programme. Unfortunately, in the current political landscape it is unrealistic to find funding for the whole Group, so suitable parts of the Group are encouraged to engage actively in raising funds from appropriate bodies.

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    Status and proposed Operation of the CIDOC CRM Special Interest Group

    • The CIDOC Board mandated the creation of this Group as a special interest group reporting to the CIDOC Board.
    • The chair of this Group has the same observer status in the CIDOC Board as the current Working Group Chairs.
    • The CIDOC Documentation Standards Working Group continues to be an observer of this Group in the sense that it is kept informed by this Group of its activities.
    • Member organizations should nominate a permanent delegate for this Group, preferably a person aware of the technical issues rather than a political representative.
    • It is recognized that some organizations may not have the resources to participate very actively in this Group, even though they may have a very strong interest in this matter. This may cause problems in fulfilment of a regular program of work with strict time schedules and deliverables. As the Group does not wish to exclude such members, it kindly ask all members to choose from the beginning between an "observer" role and an "active" participant status. (Members may elect to change their status at any time).
    • "Active" members are expected to be able to send their delegate regularly to the meetings, actively to contribute to the discussions and to support the necessary creation of documents or dissemination and promotion actions by some human, financial or other resources. They also vote for consensus cases.
    • "Observer" members may participate in the meetings, are kept informed about the meeting results and take part in the electronic discussions.
    • In the first meeting, further details of the operation of this Group have been decided. Those details involved the methods of consensus building, decision taking, handling changes of membership, distribution of activities and responsibilities.

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