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Agenda 3rd FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting

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Third FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting


Invitation and preliminary agenda for the upcoming 3rd FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting in London England.

Meeting Date:

14 - 16 March 2005

Meeting Place:

London England

Meeting Site:

Imperial College
Kensington, London

Organized By:

Imperial College


Time Table

14 February:
  9:30am-18:00pm: FRBR-CRM
15 February:
  9:30am-18:00pm: FRBR-CRM
16 February:
  9:30am-13:00pm: FRBR-CRM
14:00pm-18:30pm: CHIOS II & discussion of comments on CRM

General goals:
To continue the work commenced during Meeting #2, i.e.:
  • To explicate the implicit meaning of FRBR attributes at the light of CRM mechanisms
  • To formalize FRBR as an object-oriented model
  • To add consistency to the FRBR conceptualization thanks to Richard P. Smiraglia's theory of 'a Work'.


(a) Summary of Meeting #2

All attributes of the FRBR entities Work and Expression were examined. Some of them were deemed to require further thinking, and no definitive decision was made about them. In particular, the members of the Group recognized that they lack expertise in the field of cartographic materials; many attributes relating to such materials seem to be exaggeratedly specialized (by contrast with other attributes, which are defined at a higher level of conceptualization), but it is necessary to know what precisely they cover in order to gather them at a more generic level.

All of the discussed attributes were integrated in an object-oriented structure, formalized as both a graph (Frbroo.jpg ) and a textual definition (FRBR_oo3.doc). The textual definition contains scope notes for some of the OO classes that reflect FRBR entities and FRBR attributes. It does not account just for the "static" objects described in the FRBR Final Report, but also for some aspects of cataloguers' expertise (cataloguers have to make decisions as to whether a given instance of Expression is "representative" or not for a given instance of Work, they have to assign uniform titles, etc.) and production processes (the production event of a set of information carriers follows a production plan and is based on a given information carrier).

For further details, please refer to the complete Report on Meeting #2 (FRBRCRMHarmon_Meeting2_Report.doc).

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