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Agenda of the 11th SIG meeting

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CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model Special Interest Group

CCRM_To_ISO (11th meeting in Nuremberg, Germany)


Invitation and preliminary agenda for the upcoming 11th meeting of the CIDOC Special Interest Group (SIG) and ISO/TC46/SC4/WG9 in Nuremberg, Germany and the 4th FRBR - CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting.

Meeting Date:

14 to 18 November 2005

Meeting Place:

Nuremberg, Germany

Meeting Site:

Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Organized By:

The meeting comprises the following events:
    CRM Tutorial Monday morning Nov.14,
    CRM Workshop Nov.14-15
    FRBR-CRM harmonization meeting Nov.16-18

Workshop focus:

Semantic interoperability and factual linking:
With the CIDOC CRM, we have demostrated how core ontologies can be employed to integrate information in heterogeneous schemata in cultural heritage and beyond, by query mediation, data transformation or data merging. The merging may be physical or virtual by suitable linking across resources.

In the past, we have discussed the problem of mapping different schemata to the CRM. This is still an open issue, but as time proceeds, more solutions are proposed. We would like to draw our attention to the next problem: Even if there is a perfect transformation of all data into one (virtual) global schema, information is still not merged. The different information assets usually refer to the same real world items in very different ways. This problem is often referred to as "data cleaning" or "duplicate removal". A series of case-specific ad-hoc heuristics have been proposed and employed for bibliographic references, thesaurus merging and others. It is regarded as a local problem of an intermediate processing step to the "ideal" data set. It appears however, that the assessment of identity of two references is a fundamental epistemological problem, be it about persons, places, objects, periods, events or common concepts. Once the identity is recognized, the two references give rise to a "factual link" between two documents.

We would like to INVITE contributions, about theoretical considerations, experience reports, upcoming projects and collaborations to the following topics:

Semantic interoperability and factual linking.
Identity of events, periods and concepts.
Transition between factual and categorical information.
Progress in schema mapping tools.

Provisional agenda:
Mo: 9:30-12:30 CIDOC CRM Tutorial
    14:00-17:00 Presentations & Discussions
Di: 9:30-13:00 Presentation and Discussions
    14:30-17:00 Progress report ISO process
                Progress report of FRBR-CRM harmonization
                Discussion of CRM extensions
                Educational materials

Dedicated discussions will take place about:
     A) Factual linking, CRM Core and Dublin Core
     B) MetaCRM: systematic generation of categorical links from the CRM
     C) Event identity: substance, part-whole relationships of events and
                        view-dependent aggregation of events.


The FRBR-CRM harmonization meeting of the FRBR Review Group, CRM SIG, and DELOS NoE will take place from Nov. 16-18.

On the agenda is the finalization of a first comprehensive draft of the core ontology comprising the FRBR and CRM concepts, as a basis for wider discussion in both communities. Participants are kindly asked to be well prepared with the work achieved so far. Internal documents are available on request from me or Patrick LeBoeuf.


PLEASE announce us your participation AS SOON AS possible, specifying the events you wish to attend, and the kind of presentation you would like to make. Proposals for further discussion topics welcome.

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